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Day 194


Ace and Hope came and hung out at work with me yesterday while Sara went to watch Mia's 3rd water polo game of the day. Mia scored 3 times, making it her 3rd hat trick of the day and 10 goals total.

I don't know much about water polo, but I think that's good.

Ace wanted to fly his kite on the baseball field. So we tried, and I observed a couple of things that struck me.

Some of the time, the wind was strong: perfect for flying a kite. The gusts lasted just long enough to get the kite up high enough to hand the controls off to Ace, and then it would stop completely, and the kite would crash and burn. In order to keep it up for any length of time, I had to run around the outfield grass like a madman.

It made me think of two things while flying the kite that apply directly to life.

#1: The wind isn't always going to blow your way. When it doesn't, you have two choices to make; you can crash and burn, or you can make your own wind. Making your own wind is hard work, but it's the only way to stay afloat until the next gust comes along.

#2 There is tremendous value in consistency. Consistency, reliability, integrity, and trust go hand in hand in hand in hand.

And in totally unrelated news, cleaning out the drain in a shower used primarily by a 14 year old girl is, perhaps, one of the most disgusting household chores in existence.

This is an old picture, from Easter 2018, when the wind was just right.



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