• Woody

Day 193

Updated: Sep 8, 2019


I get twisted up in knots inside sometimes, and I don't know why.

Maybe it's just the uncertainty of it all.

There is beauty in uncertainty: knowing that we don't have to have it all figured out, we don't have to have all the answers...because we can't possibly know it all or figure it all out.

Sometimes that brings me peace, but other times, the uncertainty leaves me waiting and wondering.

When will it happen?

What will it be?

What do I need to do to get there?

Who do I need to meet and develop relationships with?

How can I accelerate the process?

All of these questions can't be answered perfectly without knowledge of the future, which we don't have.

I feel sometimes that I'm doing a lot of things right, with nothing to show for it. And please don't confused, I'm not throwing myself a pity party here. I'm fully aware that there are many out there who work hard forever and never achieve their end game. It's a fact of life, I know. But I also know, that without the hard work, the end game is nearly impossible to attain.

So I remind myself to trust that God has a plan, and that my job is to be patient and do my best work to serve Him, serve my family, serve my friends, and keep moving forward. Knots or not.

Uncertainty can be paralyzing. I might now know exactly what to do with it some of the time, but I refuse to let it paralyze me.

Believe in yourself, no matter the noise (internal or external).

Have the courage to display that confidence, even when you are frightened or uncertain.

Take action. Keep going. Never give up.



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