• Woody

Day 185


I had a lot of fun on the golf course this morning. I recorded my best round ever, an 84...there may or may not have been a mulligan or two involved, but I can live with that.

In live, unlike in gold, we don't get many mulligans. And the ones we do get are few and far between. If you are lucky enough to get a second chance in life, appreciate the rarity of the opportunity and make sure you get it right.

For some things there are no second chances. Some things you can't come back from.

Identify your moral compass and follow it always. Failure is part of the deal, but if you follow your compass, your failures won't take you far enough off of the path that you won't be able to find your way back.

I'll be the first to tell you that there isn't a whole lot of integrity in my golf game. It's always been a one man scramble. Maybe someday I'll be good enough that when I slice one into the tall grass, I'll actually add the penalty stroke to my score and still end up alright.

But for now, when I get the chance, I'll just continue to go out and have fun and play as honestly (or dishonestly) as I want to with no repercussions

Golf, the way I do it, isn't a metaphor for life. It's more of a metaphor for Utopia. When I screw up too bad, I can just try again until I get it right.

I pulled off an honest par on this hole.



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