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Day 184

Updated: Aug 30, 2019


It sure is entertaining listening to how the mind of a 3 year old works (officially 3 1/2 as of the 17th).

After finding an old party hat while going through old baby clothes for my sister Andrea and her daughter Aleya, Ace spent his evening celebrating his pretend 4th birthday, complete with an unlimited supply of pretend birthday cake (strawberry mango chocolate cake, in case you were wondering).

Sara and Mia and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his imagination run wild. To cap off his night, he was telling me all about what he's going to do when he's a big kid like daddy. I think there's an idea for a children's book in there...and Mia will be my illustrator...cause she is pretty awesome at drawing that's happening. He also like's to tell Hope what she gets to do when she's a big girl like daddy...

We also got to enjoy the thrill and excitement of Mia's first goal as a water polo player. The contest was a scrimmage, and Sara and I were unable to make it. But listening to the joy in her voice as she told us about her game made my heart smile.

Hope is turning into a full-fledged human at 19 months old. She's a little grumpy at her incoming teeth these days, but in between her tears, her silliness and her desire to be just like Bubby (what she calls Ace) is about as enjoyable to observe as anything.

We've done good babe. Even if they are as challenging as we can handle much of the time. The good most certainly outweighs the bad.

My family fills my cup.

If you're wondering what he's looking's his shadow on the wall...



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