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Day 182


I've been listening to a new podcast lately (*new to me) called Born To Write. The host, Azul Terronez, interviews published authors who share some of their message, explain the why behind their writing pursuits, and provide insight into their processes of book writing.

I came across this podcast after hearing Phil Boyte interview Azul on his podcast, School Culture By Design. I'm glad I did.

I'm through the first 20 episodes, and each one has provided me with some mental sustenance (fancy way of saying food for thought).

Dana Malstaff from was one of the authors interviewed, and she said one thing in particular that struck a chord with me.

She was giving a list of reasons that she believes provide real justification for the desire to write a book. One of the reasons resulted in several rewinds to make sure that I got it right:

"If you want to write a book because your soul needs it, and it needs that clarity whether nobody reads that book ever...then write a book."

Those words pinpoint why I started writing in this journal and began sharing it on the blog in the first place. And I do want to write a book because I do think that my soul needs it.

I don't know what the message will be, I don't know whether it will be fiction or non-fiction or something in between, and I don't know if the target audience will be anybody other than myself, but I'm going to do it.

Regardless of your pursuits in life, Dana's message is widely applicable.

Find out what your soul needs, and fill that cup up over and over again.

Also, if you decide to check out Born To Write, the interview with Tal Gur was quite fascinating.



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