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Day 181

Updated: Aug 27, 2019


I was up early enough this morning to get some writing done, but the kids were out of milk, so I got to make a 5:45 AM grocery store run, drop the goods off at home, write my wife a little love note, and head into work instead. Because family first.

After getting my syllabi and class rosters in order, it was off to the weight room for the first class of the Fall 2019 semester. It will be an exciting semester with a max capacity class as I do my best to monitor the weight room and keep everybody safe while helping them take steps toward reaching their fitness goals.

Speaking of fitness goals, today marked 42 straight days of 250 push-ups. I'm not to my personal goal of 100 straight without resting, but after 6 weeks of consistency, I'm definitely seeing significant progress, especially over the past 2 weeks.

Also, my t-shirts are a little bit more snug around the top these days...which is a much more satisfying feeling than when they are snug around the bottom, a feeling I have experienced far more often.

Thanks for the idea grandpa (Day 140). Your memory will live on in my push-up habit.

Now I just need to do a better job with my nutrition practices. Sometimes I wish pizza and burritos weren't so delicious.

I do different set/rep schemes everyday. Day 42 was 5x50



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