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Day 180

Updated: Aug 27, 2019


Today was family fun day at the beach. Though Mia stayed behind to hang out with her friend Mia...

Hope was a daredevil, Ace was a weenie...until he had to pee again (we had already taken the half mile walk to the toilet). He didn't want to go back, so I introduced him to the world's largest toilet. After that, we couldn't keep him out of the water.

Eventually we coaxed him out and took him to the haunted castle ride at the Boardwalk. He waited in line with Sara for an hour, and then he covered his eyes for the whole ride. Apparently it was "too scary." And before you judge us for terrifying our child, he has been begging for weeks to go on that particular ride.

Hope spent the entire time making friends while people watching with dad (the boardwalk is quite possibly better than the Denver airport for you avid people watchers out there).

I'd write more, but that would mean I'd still be awake, and tomorrow marks the beginning of the school year and time to get back to work!



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