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Day 179

Updated: Aug 26, 2019


We learned a valuable family lesson today.

A water polo match at Mia's high school is not an event that is particularly toddler friendly. The kids certainly had fun, but only one parent is available to watch the game at a time.

We had 3 falls out of the bleachers and multiple bonked heads...thankfully zero real casualties, though multiple handfuls of popcorn and raisins lost their lives...however, not every piece of food that hit the ground went uneaten, and that, indeed, makes me a proud father.

I also had a quite unexpected encounter with some friends/acquaintances that I would have never guessed I'd see in that environment (I guess that's what unexpected means). Bill and Joy Mitchell, with whom I've welcomed multiple New Years and Labor Days while spending time with the Boyte family, were there in support of Mia's coach, who is dating their son.

All in all, it was fun watching Mia participate in her new endeavor. She can absolutely hold her own in the water.

While it was an unsanctioned event, and alumni game, I look forward to learning more about the sport of water polo through Mia's participation...

However, Sara and I will likely be splitting time between spectating and child monitoring.

Ace and Hope are pretty high maintenance little turds...I mean angels...

Our girl is #4



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