• Woody

Day 176


Ace sure does throw a passionate temper tantrum.

Today, upon leaving the Train Store (Barnes & Noble), he went berserk.

I'm usually pretty good about keeping my cool during his meltdowns. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I enjoy them and laugh a little bit.

I know it is all part of the developmental process, and I try to keep that in perspective.

Today, however, after I got punched and kicked in the eye, I became not amused.

Parenting is the ultimate test of patience and grace. Coaching isn't far behind. When you start to get frustrated, bear in mind that it's all a part of the development process. It's your job as a parent and or coach to continue to love them and guide them down the right path, or, in some cases, give them the freedom to figure it out on their own and forge their own path (I think this method is tremendously under valued far too often).

I sure hope all of my kids find something that they are as passionate about as Ace currently is about temper tantrums. I will spend fatherhood and coachhood (new word for Miriam Webster to define) trying to facilitate the discovery of said passions. And I will encourage my children and my players in the relentless pursuit of those passions as they seek fulfillment in this life.

I refrain from taking pictures of my own kids when they're throwing tantrums...that's just mean.



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