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Day 174

Updated: Aug 20, 2019


Coming up with unique or profound original thoughts every day is difficult. It's easier to expand upon somebody else's thoughts most of the time. And I'm sure, most of those thoughts are a second or third derivative of a similar thought that came before it.

Sometimes I write in here an insightful thought that I think is really good, and 5 people read it, and other times I write about my son sticking an eraser up his nose and it quickly becomes my most read post so far...a whopping 47 views (Day 170).

But that is pretty insignificant to me at this point.

Early on in this project I was given some advice, find out what your audience wants to hear, and then write about it. I think that's great advice, if I were trying to make money here, or entertain an audience...and clearly, whatever audience I have wants to read about my family, because those are the posts that get the most attention. It's no secret to me that most of you reading consistently are related in some way shape or form.

I've never been one to try and cater to an audience. If my audiece grows here, great. If not, great.

I've never been one to try and cater to an audience. If my audience grows here, great. If not, great.hat best describes my practice is therapeutic.

My writing has become my therapy. Making it public is my way of holding myself accountable and allowing myself to be vulnerable. It's also my way of getting some things out of my head so I don't go crazy!

I want to live a life enamored with my surroundings. This is definitely helping.

I want to impact, encourage, and inspire others. Hopefully this is facilitating that endeavor.



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