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Day 172

Updated: Oct 5, 2019


*Disclaimer...This is not in any way, shape, or form directed at any of my friends or family members. I love you guys. This is for the random stranger who thinks that children are made of glass, and that when mine falls down and gets a boo boo, that it's a national emergency.

Stop babying my kids.

Kids are resilient. I've never been one to baby my kids when they fall down. However, when we are in public and it happens, 13 other parents rush to them to make sure they are okay, while I sit there with my legs crossed and smile.

When we are at home, and they eat it, I behave like a home plate umpire on a close play. I give the occasional emphatic out call, but I usually call them safe and clap and cheer...and they love it.

Today, at a family gathering, we noticed that Ace was bleeding a little bit under his eye. After some investigation, we learned that he crashed into a coffee table, and clearly, the table got the best of him. He didn't come crying to mommy and daddy, he just kept playing tag/who can head butt the coffee table the hardest/hide and seek with all of his cousins. His only request..."Don't touch it!!!"

FYI, had I seen this happen, I would have been the first one on a sprint to make sure he was okay.


It looks like we're raising a tough guy.

I couldn't be more proud.

Stop babying my kids. Worry about your own. Mine are fine.

If his/her arm is broken and the bone is sticking out of their skin, I'm sure they'll come find me...and they'll probably say, "I was safe, Daddy."

How bout this tough guy picture...



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