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Day 16

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Today, I am Thankful. Spring is a tough time on the family of a baseball coach. Especially when the weather is as temperamental as the atmospheric river was this year. No schedule is secure, and things can change at a moments notice.

Tonight, leaving work 13 hours after leaving the house this morning, slightly disappointed that I was missing bedtime...again, as a result of a nearly 4 hour game (the 3rd one this least this one resulted in a win), I couldn't help but think about how thankful I was (long sentence, right?).

My mind went to a place it often does when I'm feeling like I miss my wife and kids and haven't been home much. I think about those who are serving in our nation's military and about how many of our service members go months, if not years, at a time without seeing their families. I am so very grateful for their sacrifice, and in moments where I miss my family, I am extra aware of that sacrifice.

When I stand at attention for the National Anthem before a baseball game, I thank God for my family and for those who sacrifice the most and risk everything to provide us with the opportunity to raise our children in the Land of the Free. I tip my cap and ask at every conclusion, "God be with us all."

Be thankful. Research supports the significant positive psychological impact that spending time in gratitude daily has on a person.

Don't wait for Thanksgiving.

Be so thankful that you don't even have time to worry or complain.



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