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Day 159

Updated: Aug 5, 2019


My dinner last night has me thinking about consequences.

All actions have consequences.

There is a Mexican restaurant within walking distance from our house. Their food is delicious...full transparency, 99% of the time we go there we have burritos on the mind...I think we got nachos once.

As burrito connoisseurs, Sara and I agree that they are the best burritos in all the land (Birria El Patro Jaramillo for anybody who wants to tell me otherwise). She goes with Carnitas, I go with Al Pastor.

Their hot sauce is the perfect combination of flavor and flaming hot, and it too is some of the best hot sauce I've had anywhere. I don't always get it because I'm not always willing to suffer the flaming hot consequences of the following morning. Last night was a hot sauce night. Totally worth it.

All actions have consequences.

While the word, consequences, sometimes gets a bad rap, consequences can be positive as often as they are negative.

If you aren't willing to deal with the consequences of your actions, you should choose a different action.

If you are, then by all means, go right ahead!

It isn't always possible to see what the consequences will be; however, a simple understanding of the difference between right and wrong, a moral compass, or some good old fashioned common sense can give you a pretty good idea of whether or not they will be positive or negative.



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