• Woody

Day 141


In the aftermath of being on the road for 2 weeks, I've been slowly getting caught up and back into my routine.

I still need to carve out some time to get caught up on the blog; for the past 11 days, I've been merely a journaller (I don't think journalist accurately describes what I do...whether it's a word or not, I'm going with journaller).

I'm still in the Vanderbilt Baseball hangover. What a powerful experience it was. Difficult to put all of it into words. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long for an opportunity to go back.

In the meantime, I'll continue to work on me as I proceed down the road toward learning and personal development. And I will continue to persevere professionally with diligence and persistence as I strive to do my best work daily on the journey toward greatness.

Wherever I end up in the long run, I want to be sure that I know that I gave it my best effort each and every day. If my best effort isn't good enough, then so be it...but I have a feeling it will be. Because, as I continue to learn and grow, my best effort tomorrow will be a better effort than my best effort today.

Perhaps 1% Better, right, Joe Ferraro?



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