• Woody

Day 138


My brain is still full, and I don't plan on emptying it all in one place. It's probable best just to focus on what I'm writing or thinking today and not think about what I may write in the future, because when I do that, sometimes the future comes, and I've got other things on my mind...kind of falls in line with living in the moment.

I will say this:

It's good to be home.

Grandpa's memorial service and the ensuing reception made for a beautiful day of remembrance and fellowship with friends and family.

The week I spent working the High School Prospect Camp at Vanderbilt University was one of the better baseball experiences I've had in my life, and I won't soon forget it.

I enjoyed sharing a couple of meals with some old friends while I was in Tennessee (Garrett Ammons and Luke Rodgers).

I hope that I can impact lives in the way that my life was impacted in Nashville.

I hope that I can encourage people the way that my grandfather always encouraged me.

I hope that I can inspire people in the way that my wife and kids inspire me to be better every day.

Impact. Encourage. Inspire.

Live Enamored.

Ace may or may not like his new shirt (nightgown?)



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