• Woody

Day 126


7:30 PM

6:40 AM Wake-up

Vacation Day 2

McCloud, CA

Ace is a great vacation alarm clock. No need to worry about wasting vacation away in bed.

Ace wants to climb Mt. Shasta and put his feet in the snow. He doesn't quite understand how much of an adventure that is this time of year. We compromised and drove up to the ski park and hiked up some hills.

No snow, but the views were cool. I did have to promise we'd try to get closer to the snow before vacation is over.

During nap time, I went and caught us some dinner: four healthy rainbow trout. Hope was beside herself with excitement about the "fishies" while I was cleaning them. Ace ran away when the guts came out, Hope just kept coming closer and closer. It was great.

Sara prepared a delicious concoction and fried the fish up perfectly.

It's pretty cool sharing new experiences with the little ones. Mia's too cool for school, but I can tell by her smiles when we aren't looking that even she is having a good time.

Mia and Ace and Grandma Susie are all up there somewhere!



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