• Woody

Day 124


6:22 AM

5:30 Wake-up

I've been on a time kick lately. It's crazy how fast and slow it can move during the same period.

As I sit here and look at the backyard I grew up playing in, it feels like ages ago. It is amazing how much it has evolved from the star thistle thicket with a big trampoline in the middle.

The front yard trees would need some major trimming if I wanted to call up the guys to come play wiffle ball like we did for hour on end during the summers of my high school years. The canopy of leaves and branches that cover where home plate always was have expanded greatly over the past 20 years. They would make it very difficult to hit a home run over Cecil's fence, or into Winston's territory, may they both rest in peace (Cecil was the neighbor, Winston was our English Mastiff that gobbled up our wiffle balls like the Beast in the Sandlot when home runs were hit in his direction...our front yard game was affectionately called Winston, in his honor).

I don't spend a lot of time basking in the glory of nostalgia, but I sure am enjoying the flood of memories hitting me now as I reflect on my youth.

While it feels like a lifetime ago, I remember like yesterday when my sisters and I walked around the spray painted footprint of the "garage" my dad told us he was finally going to build in the backyard. He has talked about the backyard garage/workshop for as long as I can remember. We determined that the funny shaped garage wasn't a garage at all long before he confirmed our suspicions that we were getting a swimming pool. That swimming pool continues to bring hours of entertainment, and the garage/workshop is still only a dream that exists as a figment of grandpa's imagination. Maybe someday.

I look forward to seeing what my someday will bring. But right now, I will continue to enjoy my todays.

It makes me a little sad when I hear people reminisce and say "those were the days," as though enduring daily life isn't as satisfying as it once was, and life won't ever be that good again. They aren't entirely wrong. Those were the days. But these are the days. Whether or not they are good ones is entirely up to you.

These are great days. They possess different pleasures, and satisfaction is found in difference places, but living life stuck in the past or worried about the future is no way to find fulfillment.

Make today THE day. It's the only today you get.

Make it count.



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