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Day 123

Updated: Jun 30, 2019


6:55 AM

5:50 Wake-up

I finished Exactly What To Say by Phil Jones yesterday.

I also bought a new fishing rod and reel accompanied by a 2019 fishing license yesterday, in preparation for our trip, which was slightly more exciting than finishing the book. Hopefully, I'll get to use it to catch a few trout in the coming days. It is a spinning reel. I can't exactly afford to replenish my fly fishing gear (everything but my rod and my waders was stolen out of my truck several years ago). I am hopeful to be able to replace those goodies before too many more years go by. But my fishing excitement distracted me from my reading.

The next book I will read has a patriotic theme. Songs Of America by John Meacham & Tim McGraw. It was a Father's Day gift, and I think that the week of Independence Day is the perfect tie to crack it open.

After that, I will read...wait for it...Exactly What To Say again...2 or 3 more times, before I move to the next book on my list.

Improving my verbal communication skills and effectiveness is a high priority for me, and I think I need a few more reads through Phil's book to let the information really sink in.

Finally, I don't know if this is for you, but if you could do me a small favor, I would tremendously appreciate it.

If any of these posts particularly strike you as valuable, please share with someone that you think may benefit from reading. I'd love the opportunity to Impact, Encourage, and Inspire a couple more people.

Thank you.



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