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Day 12

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


Since I've started reaching out daily via text message to old friends and former players, I've had some cool interactions. One that I had today stands out. Here is my first textversation of the chronicles.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Henry is a man of special character, and I've known that since we first met, in Minnesota, during the summer of 2011. During our first on field batting practice, he lined a ball up the middle, hitting me directly in my right shoulder that was hanging out past the protection of the L-screen. Lesson learned. He also witnessed my attempts at conquering a quarter-pipe on a skateboard. That didn't end well. More painful lesson learned. Those stories have nothing to do with anything, but whenever I think of Henry, I think of those two specific moments.

Henry is now a Major League Baseball Player who is currently in Spring Training working his butt off to make another Big League roster. It is evident for those who follow him on social media, that Henry takes great joy in giving back to his community. I told him how proud it made me to see him being so intentional about making a positive impact away from the field. This was his response:

"Being a baseball player is cool, but I really do think it's way more important who you are while you go through life. I'm super fortunate, and I like to share my joy." (I added a comma...shoot me)

Beautifully put, and quite a refreshing perspective from someone who has reached the pinnacle of his profession. For those of us who might be a little late to the party, it's not too late. Use life as your avenue to positively impact, encourage, and inspire others, especially those that you don't even know are watching.

Thanks Henry (I told him I had to use it, I chose to keep him anonymous not at his request, but because I think it is funny to give people different names, who knows maybe he'll give it a read)

Now I will go take the bread out of the freezer (this line was added to the bottom to make sure I did not forget and also maybe to make my wife laugh maybe) and go to bed.



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