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Day 115

Updated: Jun 24, 2019


6:42 AM

6:00 AM Wake-up

When I was a kid, I used to wonder why my dad didn't know anybody beyond the A++ listers of professional sports. He knew of McGwire and Sosa, Griffey Jr., Ripken Jr., Bonds, Rickey, and maybe Randy Johnson. But I'm sure he couldn't tell you much about Berkman, Bagwell, and Biggio.

Knowing most of you who read this regularly didn't grow up baseball fanatics like me, you are likely thinking, what's your point? I don't know those guys either.

Well, I did. When I was 12, my life consisted of baseball, baseball cards, and books (many of which were about baseball). I would've likely been able to rattle off the statistics of career B and C list big leaguers like Ron Karkovice or Lance Blankenship or Wilton Guerrero.

I had my priorities straight.

Now I'm a father. I get it. Priorities.

While technology has made information more readily available, and you can find game scores and stories in more sources than the newspaper (we didn't have a TV in the house until I was 10 unless the Olympics were happening...and cable TV didn't happen until I graduated high school).

I'm definitely not the same caliber of superfan that I used to be. I don't have the time. And don't confuse any of this with complaining because I am not.

I don't live in a house full of people who love to watch baseball like I do. So I pick my moments. And I rarely ever watch a game from start to finish unless it's a World Series game. Mia disappears into the abyss if baseball (or any sport) is on TV, and when Ace wants to watch Ice Age or Lion King or The Grinch before bed for the 482nd time, that's what we do...unless we are willing to put up with a serious temper tantrum...we usually aren't if we can avoid it. He can let it rip with the best of them.

This entry comes in the midst of the College World Series. I've watched roughly 11 innings total (most of those recorded and on fast forward), and that's okay. I use the Twitter to stay caught up on the rest of what is happening. Hopefully, I can get away with a few more innings once the championship series is set.

I'm pulling for Vanderbilt. Primarily because their head coach, Tim Corbin, is a class act, and also because I'm headed out to Nashville to work Vandy's prospect camp in a few weeks, and I think it would be pretty cool to be there right after they win a National Championship.

Priorities. As you grow and mature and change, your priorities change with you. They are a part of life that should be constantly reevaluated. Make sure you acknowledge what is truly important to you. Live your life, build your routines, and make your decisions accordingly.

My father wasn't invested in Berkman, Bagwell, or Biggo, he was invested in my mother, my sisters, and myself.

Now that I have some perspective, I am able to truly appreciate that. I will forever appreciate his example, and I hope that I can do the same for my family.

Keep your priorities straight.

And happy belated Father's Day.



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