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Day 113

Updated: Jun 20, 2019


6:42 AM

5:00 AM Wake-up

Back on track. And all caught up with my unblogged (new word, just invented it, I'll give Webster a call later) journal entries.

Writing in the morning is a little bit more peaceful than trying to steal away during the day and find a quiet place to think. When I don't get up early, I sacrifice opportunities to get away from the noise.

Not that the noise is all bad, it certainly isn't, but the noise of the afternoon and evening often brings with it distraction and obligation.

Time away from the noise is essential for letting your thinking juices flow.

Some people have a place, or a bliss station as Austin Kleon calls it, where they can get away from the noise and do their thinking, reading, or creative work. Kleon also discusses, in Keep Going, that having a time can be equally effective.

Having a time is what works for me. At work, I share an office, and during the work day the noise is endless. It's hard enough to get work related tasks done without interruption.

When I get home, the last thing I want to do is lock myself in a room because time with my family is precious, sometime hard to come by, and very important to me. Also, our house is cozy and privacy is at a premium. You can't even go to the bathroom without a toddler invasion. Good luck sneaking off into a room to sit down and write.

Find the time or place that allows for some quiet that will enable you to water your thoughts so that they can grow and be harvested.

For me, that means training myself to be a morning person. It is one of the more difficult endeavors I have ever embarked on, but I am committed to it and confident that it will get easier eventually. Bedtime sure comes earlier than I'd like it to, but the compromise has to start somewhere.

Besides, I like going to be at the same time as my wife, and I think she likes it too...though I am pretty sure she likes waking up to an empty dishwasher and hot coffee even better.



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