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Day 11

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I overheard a conversation today. Three sentences that made me sad, irritated, and a little wiser, I think. When asked about work, a gentleman responded, "Work sucks. It gets worse every day. I just show up every day like a good employee waiting for retirement.

After feeling pity for the guy, vexed by his apathy, my thoughts turned inward. How can I flip this around and learn from it? It goes without saying, I have no intentions of ending up like that guy. I absolutely love what I do and can't imagine toiling away, working a thankless job, rife with passionless drudgery, without any real purpose.

I am going to pursue anything I do with an unrelenting passion for improvement and the desire to be excellent. But I feel like that also goes without saying, at least if we've ever met.

My thoughts went deeper than that.

Someday, I'll be the boss in some way shape or form, and it will fall on me to make some hires. My hiring/interview process will have a primary focus on not hiring the guy I heard talking today. Merit, knowledge, and ability are important in the hiring process, but they aren't everything. In my opinion, if you have the ability to train your people well, those things

are barely a priority.

I want people who want to be there, who din't think it's a "grind" (don't get me started on the usage of that word these days). I want people consumed with the desire to be their best selves: who are determined to grow and succeed: who are willing to serve and sacrifice. I want people who radiate excellence.



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