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Day 102

Updated: Jun 26, 2019


6:37 AM

6:15 AM Wake-up

The coin jar at the house finally got filled yesterday. Contents of the coin jar are designated for family adventures.

I spent an hour-ish rolling coins last night, and I got through almost half of them. I also discovered that if we go to a country that honors the Euro, we have 2 cents to spend...the same goes for Canada.

Anyway, while checking my coin conversion options, yesterday, I discovered that the Coinstar machines at your local grocery store charges nearly 12%. @#$%* 12% is (insert adjective/additional expletive here). I've used it in the past but I can no longer justify doing so. Why would I choose to walk way with $264 to spend on our vacation when I could be leaving with $300? Doesn't make sense.

Laziness or convenience are the only reasons to use the Coinstar machine. Your bank will likely give you coin rolls for free, or very cheap. Even if you spend only 10 minutes a day rolling coins, you'll make a significant dent quite quickly.

How important is it to get your coins converted immediately? They've already been sitting in that jar or penny bank or coffee can for months if not years. Roll your own coins.

Don't pass on simple work that requires little to no effort or skill to somebody else, especially if you have to pay that person (or Coinstar machine) to do it. Do it yourself.

Get the things done that need to get done when they need to get done. The job might be time consuming and if it's urgent you might need some help. But If it isn't urgent, chip away slowly until the job is done. Do it yourself.

It's your money. How you spend it us up to you. I work too hard to support my family, and I'm not going to give up something for nothing...I'm certainly not going to give you money in exchange for less money...that's asinine.

Sorry Coinstar...not sorry. I'm doing it myself.



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