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Day 100

Updated: Jun 26, 2019


8:24 AM

8:00 AM Wake-up

*Disclaimer, this is the longest post to date...but it's Day 100, and it's my blog, so I'll do what I want.

Day 100, that's kind of neat.

Consistency here has led to consistency in several areas. After 100 days of writing, I conclude that it has clearly added value to my life and helped me take steps toward being a better person, a better leader, a better learner, a better husband and father, a better teacher and coach, and a better man.

And, I fully intend to keep going.

The focus of my daily entry has changed from the first couple of weeks if you've been reading that long. My initial focus of meaningful conversations seems now like it was the excuse I was looking for to get started (not that I have stopped seeking meaningful conversations, I haven't)

Now that I am 3+ months in, my day would not be complete if I didn't spend some time at the writing table (which moonlights as the dinner table).

The one thing I have learned along the way that stands out above the rest is the "2 Minute Rule" introduced to me by productivity expert David Allen via the One Percent Better Project Podcast, with Joe Ferraro. The "2 Minute Rule" stipulates that if you can get something done in 2 minutes or less, you HAVE to do it.

The rule is burned into my brain. When I walk by trash on the ground - 2MR. Hope poops in her diaper - 2MR. Put a dirty dish in the sink - 2MR, wash it. To floss or not to floss - 2MR, easy decision. And that's just around the house. I like to think that I make Sara and Mia's lives about 2 minutes easier once or twice or thrice a day.

The most difficult thing I've addressed started about a month ago when I began my effort to convert myself from a night owl into a morning person. I've always wished I was a morning person, and one night, without any direct inspiration, I decided that it was up to me.

Step 1, I eliminated my use of the snooze button, which was the easiest part. Step 2, go to bed before 10 PM. Step 3, set the alarm for 5 AM and get up.

Steps 2 and 3 have the most difficult, but I can handle it. Life style changes are always difficult and require discipline. 5 AM comes much earlier than I'd like it to, and I haven't turned my new sleeping habits in to habits yet, but I'll get there. I am determined.

My 5 AM mornings lead to much more productive days.

I don't know what the next 100 days will bring, other than another 100 entries and probably a new journal, because I'm running low on pages in this one.

I intend to be able to tell you by then that 5 AM is the new standard. It will take a determined commitment to discipline and consistency, and that is a commitment I am willing and determined to make.

If there is something in your life that you want to improve or areas that you wish to develop, the choice is yours. It's up to you to make it happen. If you need some ideas, there are 100 days worth of ideas, strategies, actions, and additional thoughts about things that worked for me in the previous posts...check them out.

I'll leave you with another of Austin Kleon's thoughts from Keep Going.

"When you pay attention to your life, it not only provides you with the material for your art, it also helps you fall in love with your life."

Impact. Encourage. Inspire.

Live Enamored



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