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Day 10

Updated: Jun 14, 2019


I've always thought it would be cool to write a book. I enjoy writing. Especially when there is no one telling me what I have to write about. However, there must be something to being told what to write about, because when I think about writing a book, no topics really come to mind. Maybe somewhere on my new path of living more intentionally, reading more diligently, and writing for the fun of it on a daily basis, a topic will be born.

It's pretty interesting, the more you sit down to write, the more you find yourself thinking about what to write. I sat down tonight wondering where to start, didn't get any ideas, so I decided to pick up the pen, start writing words, and see where I ended up. Half of the battle is just getting started.

Getting started, on some adventures, takes more courage than others. The first step to accomplishing a goal or completing a task is to begin. How many great ideas never come to fruition because they were never acted on? As cool as it is that people are, or might be reading my thoughts, I think it is important to note, I am doing this for me.

I am doing this to help keep my eyes open. I am doing this because I think it is a release that will help improve my own quality of life, and that of my family. I am doing this to help protect my own sanity.

Yes, I love helping others solve problems and find answers. If I can help inspire at least 1 person to improve their life as I strive to improve my own, that'll be icing on the cake.



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