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Day 1

Updated: Feb 25, 2020


Yesterday, while watching a high school baseball game, Valley Christian HS vs Leigh HS, I encountered a player I formerly coached who now runs the freshman program at Valley Christian. He was a very good pitcher who struggled in school academically and never ended up playing college baseball past the community college level.

After exchanging niceties and reminiscing (spelled right, first try) the good old days, I was thrilled to learn that he was pursuing a college degree online with the end goal of earning his teaching credential. I also asked him to honestly reflect on his time in our program without holding anything back.

His response was very positive, and made me feel like we have been doing things right, even if the results, in terms of wins and losses, have been less than desireable (desirable). He told me that he really enjoyed his time at West Valley College, and he said that it was clear that development was a priority in our program. After our talk, I knew what I needed to do next.

My wife had texted me a shopping list. I added to the list this (faux) leather bound composition notebook and a fine tipped ballpoint pen (I'd rather write with the gel pens, but I write left handed, and they smear all over everything. Can somebody please invent left handed anti-smear gel pens?).

After leaving the game that day, I knew where to start. Write about meaningful conversations and interactions. While the, I'll start tomorrow method hasn't always worked out for me, here is my proof that this time, it did. PS my name, e-mail, and phone number are written inside the front cover, so please return it to me if you find it.



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