• Woody

Date Your Kids...And Your Wife

Day 348


Ace hates haircuts. But this evening it was time. The only way to keep his poor little head from being a flaky snow storm is to keep it buzzed.

I'm not ashamed to admit that haircut day usually comes with some form of bribery.

Tonight, all of the kids reaped the reward in the form of a quick date with daddy at Baskin-Robbins.

They enjoyed the ice cream, and I enjoyed a kid scoop myself, but my favorite part was the shrieks of joy and excitement coming from the backseat of the car when we puled into the parking lot.

Fun times. I don't even feel guilty that I didn't read today.

Also, Sara and I went on a sweatpants date to the movies last night. If you enjoy laughing, combined with a good car chase or two and good guys shooting at bad guys, Bad Boys For Life was pretty entertaining.

Also worth mentioning, the comfort level at the theater these days is dramatically improved now that every seat is a leather recliner with butt warmers included.



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