• Woody

Consequential Accountability

Day 180


I didn't get my writing done early this morning like I wanted to. I slept in, until 5:30, and was still cleaning up the kitchen when Ace ambled downstairs at 6:27. So, I spent the rest of my morning being dad.

My sleeping patterns are still recovering from my willful lack of discipline during Thanksgiving weekend. I've went to bed at a decent hour each of the last two nights, but my body decided that tossing and turning for a couple of hours before entering sleep mode is what it wanted to do. I fully accept the consequences, and I'm sure I'll get back in the swing of things just in time to get interrupted by the Christmas trips to Chico and Florida, and my ensuing trip to Nashville.

All actions have consequences. If you are willing to accept them, go right ahead and act. If you aren't, make a better choice.

That didn't go the way I originally intended. When I started to write, my plan was to discuss how Ace interrupting my routine was just fine with me. I love being dad, and I'm convinced that being a father is the primary reason God put me on this Earth.

However, after I started writing, I realized that Ace didn't interrupt my routine. I did that myself last week. It would be silly to blame that on him, so instead, I chose accountability.



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