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Compliance vs Commitment

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Day 360


I'm up to episode 337 of The Learning Leader Show. Only 15 left until I am current and get to catch up on a few other podcasts I have put on hiatus.

Ryan Hawk has a recurring guest named Jay Acunzo who is a really bright guy.

When he is on the show, the two of them spend the episode breaking down single topics in depth. It is fascinating to listen to the two of them learn together.

In episode 335, the two of them dive into the topic of public speaking.

I really appreciate the goals that they wish to accomplish during their speaking engagements. Particularly the desire to help someone get from where they currently are, to where they truly desire to be.

Sounds a lot like what I get to do as a college baseball coach. Some of the things they discuss will certainly help me improve in that area.

Hawk shares an example of a concept he uses regularly in his talks that I absolutely agree with. It's something that many coaches should consider.

I'll paraphrase:

You can enforce compliance, but you can't enforce commitment. Commitment, like trust, you have to earn.

Chew on that.

I'm going to bed.



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