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Common Decency: "During This Difficult Time"

Day 411


Grocery shopping was a mission today.

I ended up going to 4 different stores to get everything we needed. Of course, I could've stopped at 2 and scrapped the Easter Morning biscuits and gravy breakfast...yeah right.

Lines are long and shelves are bare. Shoppers had the privilege of waiting 30 minutes in a line that wrapped more than halfway around the building before gaining entrance to Costco. I say privilege sincerely.

Usually, Costco is a traffic jam of colliding carts. And shopping at Costco to feed 5 people (including one who is eating for 2) for the next 10 days can be an anxiety ridden ordeal.

However, the line outside makes for a far more peaceful shopping experience. I was in and out with a couple hundred bucks worth of groceries in no time, effectively rendering the initial wait a wash. Especially if you look at it from a total elapsed time perspective—from parking to departure.

I must admit, I kind of like this version of Costco.

A while later, at another store, I heard a message over the loud speaker that rubbed me the wrong way.

After the infinitieth (new word, add it to your dictionary) reminder to stay 6 feet away from other people, the voice asked that we "please remember to be kind, courteous, and considerate to others during this difficult time."

I think I said "Good grief" out loud. The lady standing 6 feet away from me gave me a dirty look.

What irked me wasn't the last 4 words of that sentence.

Was it really necessary to conclude the statement with "during this difficult time?" No, it was ridiculous.

Can't we just be redundantly respectful all the time?

Sure, our world is in uncharted territory, but who is to say that the guy you were a jerk to on a random Thursday in October wasn't having an independently difficult time then?

What if "kind , courteous, and considerate" was our default operation?

I think we'd all be better off if we showed a bit more compassion and understanding for our fellow humans all of the time.



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