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Clean Up...Times Infinity

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Day 464

Day 454


I think we spend almost as much time cleaning up toys as the kids spend playing with them. They are little Tasmanian they are expected to be at their age.

It's a never ending cycle of destruction.

Clean up after a tornado.

Proceed to next room.

Clean up after another tornado.

And so it goes.

No room is safe.

They have way too many toys. I know I am, to a certain extent, complicit in this problem, but seriously, how many toys do they need? And it's not as if any of them get neglected. They play with every single one. And when an obscure one you'd think they won't notice goes missing, it's an issue for weeks.

I've been contemplating sneaking out 90% of them to donate to the Goodwill.

Would that be cruel and unusual parenting?

Do you have any better ideas?

Even if I did that, they'd still have too many.

I haven't done the research, but I don't imagine my parents and grandparents having even a fraction of the amount of toys as these kids have. And if I did, I certainly don't remember.

While I'm certain every generation of kids was, is, and will remain capable of making a terrific mess, my guess is that it used to take a bit more creativity and imagination to do so.

The house is clean and quiet now, so the big kids need to get some rest so we have the energy to spend all day cleaning up after the little monsters again tomorrow.

And don't be fooled...the pictures below are just the tip of the iceberg.



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