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Christmas Tree Hunting

Day 286


A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that one of the high school kids I work with spends weekends working at a Christmas Tree farm. I decided to offer up a trade. He would get the better end of the deal financially, but we would get to experience our first family Christmas Tree, a priceless kind of experience, so the money wasn't near the top of the list of priorities.

His mother rejected my proposal, paid me for my time, and out of sheer generosity, paid for our Christmas tree.

Yesterday, we got to drive up to Peacock Christmas Tree farm, pick out a tree, cut it down ourselves, and bring it home. We all had fun in the process. It was a day of many firsts.

In almost 5 years of marriage, Sara, Mia, and I haven't had our own tree until this year. We've always elected to save a few bucks and share in the joy of other trees since we spend much of Christmas time away from home. This is officially the first family tree that Sara and Mia and Ace and Hope and our unborn baby Gooman get to appreciate together.

For Sara, who spent the majority of her life with a fake tree, this is the first real tree Christmas experience.

Before yesterday, none of us had previously cut down our own tree. My dad always got a tree from a lot. Usually one of the last ones left, a day or two before Christmas in typical Woodward fashion. It was fun. Mia was quite proud to hold the whole tree over her head when we were done (she may or may not have dropped it first).

After we got home, we had pizza and hot chocolate, and we all decorated the tree together.

Ace loved it. His first act, with Hope, was to take a bunch of their toys from the toy box and using those to decorate. After cleaning those up, we got the lights and ornaments out and went to work. Ace doesn't quite understand the idea of spreading the ornaments around. Which is fine by me. You can check out the picture of his favorite branch.

Hope was beside herself...not necessarily with the same joy as she had at the tree farm. She didn't understand why we kept handing her toys that she was supposed to hang on the tree instead of play with.

Mia was a great big sister as mama played facilitator, and Ace got to put the star on the top.

I'm sure we will have happy memories of our first tree.

Happy Christmas. And to all who celebrate something that doesn't require a tree to decorate, I hope you enjoy whatever holiday you might be celebrating. May the opportunities for you and yours to make beautiful memories be bountiful.

Special thanks to the Nelson family and the Peacock Christmas Tree Farm for your role in the fun. Whether or not you ever read this, I will be sure to pay it forward.

Ace's Branch



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