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Championship Fathering

Updated: Jan 9


I loved reading Championship Fathering, by Carey Casey.

I will love reading it again...and again.

What a great book.

Included are practical, actionable strategies that will help any father both develop and strengthen the relationships he has with his children.

I want to learn more about "How to Win at Being a Dad."

And I can't do it alone.

Carey Casey provides a powerful playbook that all fathers will benefit from reading.

He writes in the introduction that "Fatherhood will take the best you can give - and then some."

Ain't that the truth.

He goes on to share his 3 core principles of fatherhood:

Loving, Coaching, Modeling, "...the foundation of understanding and practicing what our children need from us as dads."

I could fill several pages with quotes that made an impact on me, but I'll let you experience it for yourself, if you are so inclined.



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