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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

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Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, is a book with a big idea.

Reminiscent of Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow.

Actually it's the opposite, since Blink was published 6 years prior to Thinking Fast and Slow.

Gladwell always takes the mind on an adventure.

After listening to his podcast, Revisionist History, I could almost hear him talking to me at times. That made me smile. He writes much like he talks.

He gives you an idea to chew on and proceeds to make connections from some of the unlikeliest of places. Taking a complex system and communicating it as clearly as possible. I wouldn't call Blink easy reading, but it isn't exactly covering an easy topic.

Gladwell does a remarkable combing through the minutiae of how we think and make decisions. Particularly to examine the power of intuitive thinking. He wants to know how we can take charge of the first two seconds of an interaction, and make the best decisions...the right decisions.

Gladwell doesn't provide answers.

Mostly questions.

And a call for mankind to do better.

"Once we know how the mind works - and about the strengths and weaknesses of human judgment - it's our responsibility to act."

In the wake of recent events in Minneapolis, we still have a long way to go.

Blink is packed with engaging stories from how women proved their way into the orchestra, to war games in the Persian Gulf. Gladwell makes seamless connections as he weaves his way through the inner workings of snap decisions - made in the blink of an eye - and deliberate decisions - made after careful thought and consideration.

Read the book.

Come to your own conclusions.

"The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding."

Here are the links to my thoughts about the other Gladwell books I've read, Outliers, and Talking to Strangers. I write about all the books I read. You can find the rest here.



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