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Belt It Out

Updated: May 16, 2020

Day 445


Today, my forgetfulness provided a pleasant reminder.

For the past year and a half, if I'm in the car alone, I'm listening to whatever podcast I'm currently bingeing (currently, I still have a couple more episodes Hardcore History before I'm current).

While on my shopping extravaganza, this afternoon, I forgot to queue up a podcast.

By the time I realized my error, I was already cruising with the windows down and the volume up singing a song about the Heartland with George Strait at the top of my lungs.

It was liberating.

I was reminded of how much I enjoy listening to music.

Music has a unique way of making you feel. It is a powerful force that seems to reach down deep into your soul and carry it away for a while. Not away to a place that makes you forget, but to a place that helps you remember.

My podcast game will remain strong, but the lesson of today is that I need to add some more music in to my routine.

Nursery rhymes and other assorted kid songs are great. Nothing fills my heart quite like listening to Ace and Hope sing, or listening to Mia teach herself to play the piano, and music isn't lacking in our home.

However, the release that accompanies belting out a tune, uninhibited by who might hear you, straight from the heart, has therapeutic power and possesses a particularly unique combination of serenity, pure joy, and unadulterated pleasure.



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