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Be Worth the Trip

Day 395


My dad and I have been exchanging texts about the stock market over the past couple of weeks. It's no secret that our economy is currently in a precarious place.

As stock prices tumble, it feels like right now might be a wise time to invest, if you have the financial wherewithal to do so. The market is bound to change directions eventually, and if you can get in on the ground floor, the return on investment is likely to be pretty substantial...once the plague passes, and we right the ship.

While I am not in the place financially to make any big moves at this juncture, my dad told me today that he made a few yesterday, one of them being Zoom, which hasn't taken much of a hit during the plunge. The hit that it did take is likely just a blip on the radar.

Zoom is thriving. Probably now more than ever. Wherever I turn people are talking about it.

Coincidentally, I participated in my first ever Zoom call yesterday.

While I have nothing else to compare it to, the 1% Wednesday panel, hosted by Joe Ferraro (host of one of my favorite podcasts, The 1% Better Project), was by all accounts a special experience.

I would have to agree.

It's been on my mind in some capacity all day today.

The 5 panelists all brought powerful messages, and the 45 minutes of post recording conversation was equally rewarding.

The entire ordeal was wonderful, but four words from Laura Gassner Otting that are applicable to just about everything in life have been ringing loudly on repeat in my ears:

"Be worth the trip."

I'll let you define that thought in whatever ways you see fit. I think they are astronomically powerful, if taken seriously to heart. I also think that if more of us take a hard look inside ourselves and apply those words to everything we do, our world will be a better place.

And I'm not cynical, I already think that life is pretty great.

Thanks for reading.

I hope it was worth the trip.



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