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Back on the Horse

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


I think it has been well documented in my posts that I love to sleep. And I've been getting a lot of it lately. 10 hours most nights. It's glorious.

While I have missed my reading and writing time immensely, my choice to spend more time with my pillow over the past 6-8 weeks was calculated and necessary. I needed to heal after more than a decade of horrendous sleeping habits.

I have even learned a few things in the process.

Most importantly, it is actually possible to go to sleep at a decent hour if you commit to it and stick with it. Most nights I'm in bed before 9 pm. I look forward to it. 25 year old me would tell you I'm crazy. I think he was the crazy one.

Also, having 4 kids is exhausting.

Profound, I know.

It's time for me to get back on the horse. I'll save my nights of 10 hours of sleep for the weekends. If I want to have any hope of reading regularly and writing at all, while still giving my family the attention they both need and deserve, 8 hours will suffice.

5 a.m. is the magic number.



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