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Adults Need Bedtime, Too

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Day 488


I'm not a morning person...yet.

I'm not good at bedtime, yet, either.

Therein lies the problem

As a kid, bedtime was a dreaded juvenile punishment.

Now I realize, my parents were right.

Bedtime is important.

My problem with being a morning person isn't a morning problem.

It's an evening problem.

My adjustment needs to come the night before.

Most of the time I'm up too late, it's for no good reason.

Usually that no good reason is called the television.

Bedtime for the kids around here is pretty rigid.

Sara is consistently disciplined with hers as well.

Lately, my bedtime has been pretty arbitrary.

And my wake-up time has suffered.

When I was consistently up at 5 AM, I was consistently down by 9:30 the night before.

Discipline is the choice I need to make if I ever want to succeed.

And it starts the night before.

And consistency is the key.

My profound realization is this:

Adults need bedtime, too.



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