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Accountability Starts With You

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Day 295


We all make sacrifices for the ones we love.

Recently, I've had to sacrifice being in bed by 9 o'clock because Mia has joined a water polo club that practices from 7:15-9:15 four nights a week. This has definitely interrupted my sleeping routine, and I have not made disciplined decisions to adjust, falling back onto some old habits.

There are a few other factors I could use to justify staying up late and sleeping in, but I won't. Excuses might make me feel better temporarily, but, ultimately, they are a waste of time and only further perpetuate the underlying issue, which is a lack of self discipline.

Staying up late and sleeping in is my kryptonite. I love it. But it messes with my productivity and leaves me playing catch up all day.

This is an accountability letter to myself. A call to action. And not the first time I've written to myself on this topic. Interestingly enough, it always seems to help me get back on track; therefore, it is likely not the last time I will write to myself about dragging my butt out of bed in the morning.

Are you trying to make a change in a specific area but continue falling back on old habits? Try writing accountability notes to yourself.

Make no excuses.

Acknowledge the behavior that you desire to chance.

Acknowledge the difficulties you are having.

Put into words what you are going to do about it.

Call yourself to action.


Accountability starts with you.



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