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Above The Line

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Day 287


Sitting in the lobby, waiting on an oil change, gave me an opportunity to finish reading Above The Line by Urban Meyer. There are at least 100 quotable passages within the pages of a book filled with leadership lessons from his years coaching college football teams to 3 national championships. This book primarily chronicles the 2014 run with Ohio State, the special group of players, and the behaviors that led to that champhionship run.

The title of the book is also the main theme, and it is addressed in every chapter.

It is a reference to the equation E+R=O, or Event+Response=Outcome.

You don't control the event, you control whether or not your Response is Above the Line or Below the Line. How you respond to events in your life determines the outcome. If you want consistent favorable outcomes, it's pretty cut and dry; you must consistently respond Above the Line.

As a leader, if you can influence your followers to trust, believe, and live the Above the Line message, you will have a pretty special group. As many messages go, the principals examined in Above the Line have implications far beyond the sporting arena. Every event in life brings with it the opportunity for an Above the Line response. Anybody willing to honestly reflect on their daily decisions is capable of living life Above the Line. Often, this means quelling the initial impulse to react, and opting to think deeply and carefully about an appropriate, Above the Line response.

If you desire to lead others down this path, consider this:

"Trust is earned through your behavior, not granted by your position."

"You must earn the right for people to follow you."

And, "Remember, you can't lead people to a place that you are not going to as well. If it isn't happening in you, it won't happen through you."

You don't have to read the book to live above the Line, but I certainly recommend it...and keep a highlighter or a pen and notepad handy. You'll need it.



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