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A Change of Pants

Day 408


I read in multiple places that in order to help maintain your sanity while you are confined to your home, you should stick to your normal routine as much as possible.

Generally, these writings also mention that it is helpful for your morale to get dressed in your normal work attire instead of wearing your pajamas or sweatpants all day.

Joke's on them; I wear sweatpants/athletic attire to work every day as it is.

While I usually change them daily, I began quarantine on a mission to see how long I could wear the same sweatpants, alleviating the laundry load. Much to my wife's chagrin, they lasted 21 days. Then they started to smell, so it was time to make a change.

I decided that hygiene was more important than my silly self challenge.

Today, I went on a grocery run and decided that it was time to throw on some jeans and a decent looking shirt, and I must admit that it felt good to be dressed like an adult for a change.

Then I came home, made a taco for lunch, and dripped hot sauce all over myself.

So much for adulting.

Back to sweatpants.

I also feel that it is noteworthy to mention that I do intend to change them more frequently this time around...though certainly not daily without good reason.

There is probably something to the idea of putting on real clothes from time to time. And I definitely don't recommend wearing the same ones for 3 weeks straight...unless you live by yourself and there is nobody else for the smell to bother...

And there is absolutely something to sticking to a routine. However, I don't think that normal is the routine to shoot for. For the vast majority of us, nothing is normal about what is going right now.

That said, a routine is no good if it's not capable of adjusting to the given situation. Find a routine that works. It may include many of the elements of your "normal" routine, but I am not of the opinion that pretending everything is normal is the answer.

Now and going forward, we are doubtlessly in for a new normal, whatever way you spin it.

And currently, I am really loving the abnormal.

I miss being out and about, I miss being on the ball field with the guys, but I'm not sure I'd trade this time at home with my family for anything.



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