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Updated: Aug 30, 2020


I recommended When, by Dan Pink, to several people before I ever got around to reading the book myself. Hearing him speak on several podcasts piqued my interest. I finally made it around to my own recommendation and read his eye opening examination of the science of timing.

From patterns ingrained in daily life that affect our moods and the quality of our decisions, to the timing of beginnings and endings and everything in between, Pink's research provides insight into how we can make the most out of the time that we have.

I particularly appreciated the conclusion where he lays out all of the ways that his perspective was changed during the process of researching the topic and writing the book.

His thoughts on the idea of "living in the present" offered a unique vantage point that I hadn't previously considered.

He claims that to "live in the present" is not the goal. "[The Goal] is to integrate our perspectives on time into a coherent whole, one that helps us comprehend who we are and why we're here." That sentence spoke directly to me because I've spent the better part of the past 2 years trying to figure that out.

"The challenge of the human condition is to bring the past, present, and future together.""

It isn't easy, but if you're up for it, Pink's book might help you get a little bit closer to using your time more wisely so that you can continue on the journey of becoming a better version of yourself on a daily basis.



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