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Day 96

Updated: Dec 15, 2019


5:44 AM

5 AM Wake-up/No Snooze/Day 5

I finished Extreme Ownership yesterday.


Navy SEALs are badasses. I can't think of any other single word or two word phrase to describe them, so for lack of a better term, there you go. Their processes and their training and their discipline are first rate.

In another life, I think it would be pretty cool to be a SEAL. And I don't say that flippantly. It would be hard, it would be dangerous, and it would carry a great deal of responsibility, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who is better trained and more well prepared than an US Navy SEAL.

From the work I've witnessed from retired SEALS, the training and preparation carries over into life after the military. We could all stand to learn a few things from the SEALS. I know that I have.

There is more literature out there from Willink & Babin, as well as books authored by other retired SEALS. I will certainly be a customer.

We could all stand to learn a few things from people in a lot of different arenas: sometimes from the people that we least expect us to teach us something. You never know when you might stumble across a nugget of life changing wisdom.

Keep learning and growing.

Keep pursuing a deeper understanding...'a deeper understanding of what' I sat here thinking for several minutes after I wrote those 5 conclusion: that is up to you.

More thoughts inspired by Extreme Ownership on Day 93 and Day 91.

Whatever it is you choose to pursue a deeper understanding of, keep going.

Totally unintentional that I ended up with the words Keep Going, as that is the title of the book I will be reading next, authored by Austin Kleon.



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