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30 Minutes in the Snow

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Day 277


Today, we took the little ones up for their first snow experience.

Ace loved it. He's been talking about visiting the snow for quite some time.

Hope wasn't so sure. That part is understandable considering that her first act was to take two steps and fall flat on her face. The snow in question wasn't exactly powder . After several similar falls, Hope waited with Mommy in the car until Ace decided he was cold.

Ace found a snow covered slide and promptly plowed it. We threw some snowballs and built a tiny snow man. Ace's final act of snow day was to kick the snowman's head off. He was quite pleased with himself and equally excited to get back into the warm car and out of his wet clothes.

The playing in the snow didn't last too long. We weren't entirely dressed for the occasion. But it worked out perfectly. However brief, it was a memorable experience. It's pretty fun getting to experience firsts. Especially with little kids. Even if it's only 30 minutes of playtime in the snow.



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