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2019: A Brief Review

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Day 308


Another year is nearly in the books.

Our morning flight home was a success. Grandpa was generous enough to upgrade us to First Class, and we were all extremely grateful. None of us more than Ace, who took advantage of the extra room and napped for 3+ hours of our 5 1/2 hour flight. Hope didn't sleep nearly as much, opting to run around like she owned the place. Thanks Grandpa. You're the best.

All in all, I think that 2019 was my favorite year yet.

Here is a brief recap:

The year started with a trip to Dallas for the 2019 ABCA National Convention. I had a blast learning, and connecting with old friends. I also made new connections, one in particular that led to an opportunity to spend an unforgettable week working camp at Vanderbilt University shortly after their 2019 National Championship victory.

We sent our oldest off to high school where she discovered a passion for water polo and turned out to be really good at it, finishing the season competing with the varsity team in the playoffs.

Enjoyed coaching a group of guys that competed for a conference championship, falling just short in the final weeks of the season.

Built on that by recruiting what we think will be a strong ball club in 2020.

Decided to be a grownup, choose discipline regularly, and begin developing productive habits to help improve my own life and the lives of my family, my friends, and the rest of the people that we share the planet with.

Began a mission to transform myself into a morning person (still a work in progress)

Read 24 books (18 different titles, a few of them multiple times)

Listened to hundreds of different podcast episodes that have tremendously influenced my choices and the way I think. It is important to note that developing an e-mail relationship with Joe Ferraro and listening to the 1% Better Project had and continues to have a major impact on my life and helped me take ownership and put some of my thoughts into action.

Began writing and stayed consistent (308 days in a row and counting)

Turned it into a blog (thanks for reading)

Did 46,638 push-ups since Jan 1, 2019, including 250 every day for the past 169 days.

The family trip to Florida, in addition to it being a tremendous amount of fun, and being highlight #2 if I were ranking this list, marks the 37th state that I have had the privilege of visiting, only 13 left to check off the list.

The top ranking highlight by far was knocking up my wife again. We are very excited to add another little munchkin to the bunch in June of 2020.

I am blessed by and extremely grateful for all of you reading this (and lots more who aren't).

I am also extremely excited to see what the next 366 days have in store for us (2020 is indeed a leap year).

I am also excited to start the next year the same way I started the last one. I will be in bed long before midnight, so that I am well rested for the trip to Nashville in the morning for ABCA 2020.

Happy New Year!

Time to go pack.



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